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A community for fans of the band Fair to Midland, and the amazing men who comprise it. Feel free to post live reports, graphics (icons, wallpapers etc), and photos. As long as it relates to Fair to Midland and follows the following rules, it should be fine.

· Rules ·

1. All entries must in some way pertain to Fair to Midland and/or its individual members.

2. Be respectful and mature towards your fellow members. Any flaming or general wank-mongering will get you banned. We’re all friends here, so let’s treat each other like it.

3. LJ-Cuts are appreciated on all large posts. Use your best judgment, but try to put any images over 350 pixels under a cut.

4. At this point, advertising is welcome as long as it pertains to Fair to Midland in some way, but please do put it under a cut.

5. Please participate, and have fun!

· Links ·

Official Website

Official MySpace

My Artist’s Block, website of Isaac “Eye-Sack” Flores. Great FtM photos.

· · · · ·

New members, go ahead and fill this out in an introductory post (optional, but smiled-upon):


When/where did you first hear about Fair to Midland?

What was your initial reaction to their music?

When did you first see them live?

Your reaction?

What is your favorite Fair to Midland song?

Any particular lyrics that you simply love?

If you had to pick, who would you say is your favorite member?

And to close, how about a picture of yourself?

· Mods ·

Kelynn [chaos_sequence] Email: dozingxkyo@gmail.com
Kelsey [merricat] Email: kelsey_harold@sbcglobal.net

If you have a community that you would like to affiliate with us, please let us know!
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